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I just bought a home without a basement. The home is built on a concrete slab, therefore all of the floors are concrete. Is it possible to install wood floors over the concrete? If so, what are the pros and cons of this? I would appreciate any insight you may have on this or any stories of experience. Thank you!

Yes, make sure your floors are level if they aren't they make a self leveling compound. Once this is finished make sure you use a moisture barrier over the concrete and then install the planks.
Just pick the video you want and they will show you what to do, what to use and how to do it
…………….Self Leveling Compound
Utilize the latest in (((self-leveling flooring))) and sub flooring preparation technologies in their impressive product lineup.
This is enough moisture barrier to do at least one room and then some………
Columbia Flooring
6-Mil Plastic Moisture Barrier
Item #: 236501 Model: FOM500
$53.57 ( 200 sq. ft. roll 48"W x 100'L)

EDITED: I don't think I would varnish the underside of the wood planks it might interfere with your warranty plus wood also has to breathe thats why you need the moisture barrier.

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